Heavy Hitters Performance is not only the place to get parts, performance and service’s for your vehicle, it’s the best place!

Services to Improve Diesel Performance

When it comes to improving diesel performance, we have unmatched expertise.

Before we perform any work, we take the time to listen to you so that we know what goals you’re trying to reach. From there, we offer a number of services to deliver better performance, including:

Custom tuning

Performance parts

We also rely on the expertise of the of our vendors and other diesel performance gurus around the country to make sure you get the best performance possible!


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Services to maintain your vehicle

Keeping your vehicle in peak condition is of utmost importance, Heavy Hitters Performance can help. We offer all routine maintenance services plus:

Advanced mechanical diagnostics

Suspension repair

AC repair

Valve adjustments

We have the capacity to maintain your entire commercial fleet.

Who’s doing our maintenance and performance services

All maintenance and performance services are done by Heavy Hitter’s Performance’s diesel experts—Andy, Jarrett And Buddy. We have more than 50 years of combined experience, and our credentials include:

Cummins certified

Mopar factory training

Viper certified

We don’t claim to be the best because the best take a rest…we don’t. We always strive to provide better service and better performance so you keep coming back.

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  • AC Repair

    What Makes Our AC Repair “Advanced”
    Many repair shops do not actually offer AC repair. They only offer refrigerant top-off. But low refrigerant is not the only possible problem…what then?
    AC repair At Heavy Hitter’s Performance, we offer “advanced” AC repair because we do two things:
    Listen to you describe the problem you’re having with your AC system—e.g., if the air is not cold enough, if the air circulation is low no matter what the fan setting is, etc.
    When necessary, we run advanced AC diagnostics using the Robinaire system.
    We get to the heart of the problem to provide AC repairs that will both restore your comfort in your cabin and ensure your R134a AC system does not present a threat to the environment.

    Warranty-Backed AC Repair
    The technicians at Heavy Hitter’s Performance are experienced and quality-minded. We take the time to do the job right because your satisfaction and our reputation depend on it.
    We back our work with a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.
  • Custom Tuning

    What Custom Tuning Can Do For Your Vehicle
    Just about any shop can do routine tuning using updated specifications from your vehicle’s manufacturer. But there are limits to what boxed tuning solutions can do. And there are limits to what “the other guys” can do as far as out-of-the-box engine and transmission tuning.

    Heavy Hitter’s Performance does tuning customized for:
    pulling trailers
    Everyday driving—a balance of power and torque for optimal drivability
    Everyday driving with extra “oomph” when you need it
    Maximum horsepower and speed
    Towing more than 10,000 lbs.
    Maximum fuel efficiency
    You tell us what you want to accomplish, we tweak the tuning specifications to make that happen.

    Our Custom Tuning Expertise
    Heavy Hitter’s Performance performs custom tuning for all types of diesel engines, including:
    We even do custom tuning for some gas-powered cars and trucks to boost power and speed.
    How do we know what specifications to use for your diesel? Simple. We rely on the unmatched expertise of the “mad scientists” at CTT Tuning. They live to find the best combination of timing, combustible ratios, tolerances, etc. for your make/model and intended purpose.
  • Diesel Maintenance Service

    Heavy Hitter’s Performance offers a wide range of maintenance services for your diesel, including:

    Routine oil changes
    Fuel filter replacement
    Air filter cleaning and replacement (ask about our Cold Air Club that makes this maintenance service even more affordable)
    Brake inspection and replacement
    When you bring your diesel to Heavy Hitter’s Performance, your car or truck is in the hands of technicians who really care about you and your vehicle. We do visual inspections of all systems and will check out any concern you mention. We take the time to do the job right—even if that means we’re “eating it” because we stand behind the quotes we give you. And, all our maintenance services are backed by our extensive warranty.
  • Fleet Maintenance

    Heavy Hitter’s Performance has the capacity to handle fleets up to about 50 vehicles, and we provide all routine maintenance and repair services you need to keep your company cars and trucks on the road: fleet vehicles

    Oil and filter changes
    Fluid changes
    Component and system checks
    Belt and hose changes
    We develop a comprehensive maintenance checklist to make sure every vehicle is given a thorough inspection and receives the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services required for reliable drivability.

    We also have the technology to provide advanced mechanical diagnostics as needed.
  • Diagnostics

    Once the technicians at Heavy Hitter’s Performance find the issue causing your performance problem, we will provide you:

    Recommendations for maintenance and repairs
    Often, we will provide multiple recommendations to help you find immediate and/or budget-friendly solutions that may allow you time to save up for major repairs or system adjustments.
    Free cost estimate that includes parts and labor
    We stick to our quotes so that you never get “sticker shock” from your repair bill.
    All maintenance and repairs are backed by our 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.
    Our diagnostic tools come from leading manufacturers, including:

    Launch Tech USA
    Our diagnostic equipment is continually updated with the latest specifications from all vehicle manufacturers.
  • Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

    There is good reason to be wary when buying a pre-owned vehicle. It’s a big investment, to give you peace of mind about your potential purchase, bring the car or truck you’re looking at to Heavy Hitter’s Performance for a pre-purchase inspection.
    Our pre-purchase inspections at a minimum cover more than 100 points, including:

    Interior and exterior lights
    Body damage or defects
    Frame damage or misalignment
    Brake condition and performance
    Tire tread/wear, damage
    Steering and suspension systems
    Engine and transmission
    Exhaust system
    Upon request and permission from the seller, we may conduct a more in-depth inspection.
    Our technicians have extensive knowledge and experience with diesels. We know what to look for to ensure that the vehicle you’re looking at has been well-maintained and promises the best performance and useful life for its age and mileage.
  • Suspension Repair

    when you need suspension maintenance or repair. You may be experiencing things like:

    A noticeably rougher ride
    Loud noises when traveling over bumps
    Difficulty steering or tracking, especially over uneven surfaces

    Everyday driving alone can cause enough wear to necessitate suspension work, but wear can occur even faster on vehicles that haul heavy loads and/or are driven on extremely rough ground.

    Suspension Work We Handle
    Heavy Hitter’s Performance can handle all types of suspension work, including:

    Adjustments and tuning
    Upgrades and replacements
    We use both OEM and aftermarket parts for suspension repairs. If you want to boost your suspension performance, we can help you find the best aftermarket option from one of our trusted manufacturers.

    Our techs are product experts and gearheads, but more importantly, we are dedicated to your satisfaction. We take the time to listen to your goals for your diesel so that we can find the solutions custom-tailored to your needs. We back all our work—parts and labor—with a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.